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Strategic Power Innovations is your solutions partner in providing Critical Physical Infrastructure (CPI) systems and services. We utilize the “best in industry solutions” from multiple manufacturers into one seamless solution to solve your CPI needs.

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What is Critical Physical Infrastructure?

Critical Physical Infrastructure (CPI) is the “backbone” of any business, as its elements provide the power, cooling, physical housing, security, and monitoring which allow the information technology to function. Strategic Power Innovations’ ability to view CPI as a whole rather than as individual components is essential to your success in deploying an integrated, reliable, and understandable system that performs as expected.


Our Products


Critical Power

Power When You Need it the Most!
Unplanned downtime affects every aspect of business. That's why we offer reliable and efficient products that work together to safeguard mission-critical networks.
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Precision Cooling

Tight Control over Temperature and Humidity.
We provide High-performance thermal management solutions that promise the world's most reliable, sustainable, and cost effective heat management for critical spaces.
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Racks and Accessories

Server and Network Racks to House Your Critical Equipment.
Our data center racks, cabinets, and enclosure solutions provide modular support and protection to critical IT and facilities.
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Monitoring and Security

What You Don't Know, Can Hurt You.
Our infrastructure monitoring, intelligent controls, and centralized management systems work together to increase equipment availability, utilization, and efficiency.
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Knowledge is power.

Confused by all the options and various manufacturers? Allow us to guide you to the right products that meet your objectives, but also provides the right balance between redundancy and your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We provide equipment and services for the major OEMs in the critical physical infrastructure industry. We are an OEM-neutral (vendor-neutral) company. Our experience shows that there is not any one particular OEM that fits every objective or application. We will recommend the solution that best fits your unique needs with the highest reliability and support. We make it our goal to know the various brands and options available so that we can recommend the best choice to you.

While we support multiple industries such as financial, health care, education, commercial sectors, and more; we know that EVERY business has critical “business reliant” systems that need to stay operational. If those systems were to fail, the business would suffer in various ways including loss of revenue, labor, data, and more. Do you know how much your company would lose per minute if it could not do business? If it is critical to you, it is critical to us.

Our previous experience as a contractor, specifically in critical physical infrastructure systems, allows us to ensure your installation go according to plan, smoothly, and per all manufacturer and local/national codes. Due to our large customer base of contractors, we no longer perform the installations internally, but would utilize and supervise one of our many contractors that are knowledgeable with your specific solution. See our services page for more information.